02-The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

Q. What is the Law of Attraction? If you haven’t experienced the positive side of this law (yet), have you at least experienced the negative side of it?

A. …

Q. Have you studied biographies of highly successful people? What do you think is it that they do differently than ordinary people?

A. …

Q. Have you doubted the law of electricity at any time in your life? Did you need to put your finger in the wall socket in order to know how electricity feels in the body? By the same token, would you need a litmus test to know if the Law of Attraction works?

A. …

Q. Is there anything you should not do so that you can fully profit from the benefits of the Law of Attraction?

A. …

Q. What happens when you take your focus off your problems?

A. …

Q. What is self-talk? Have you ever observed your own self-talk? Would you qualify it as positive or negative?

A. …

Q. Do you think you need to stop thinking altogether in order to live with more self-awareness or is there a better way of doing that?

A. …

Q. How would you define inner coherence?

A. …

Q. What is it that you need to do to attract what you desire? Is there anything you need to build prior to being able to benefit from the Law of Attraction?

A. …

Q. Do you think it’s possible to raise the vibrancy, the frequency of your thoughts to a higher and more subtle level? Why should that be important?

A. …

Q. Why do you think a media diet is a good idea?

A. …

Q. Why can you not attract what you condemn? What, then, is the best way of triggering the attraction of what you really desire?

A. …

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