05-Your Personal Vision Statement

Your Personal Vision Statement (PVS)

pencilIn this sub-unit we finalize our vision statement by actually drafting it in words and layout. For doing this, you just fill in all the information previously collected and assemble it in your statement in a way in keeping with your personal style.

Now we are ready to draft our Personal Vision Statement (PVS).

Please consider all the previous data and draft your personal vision statement in the following style. Please print this page out and fill in the missing fields, from the notes you have taken previously when we collected the data.

In addition, please use the form below to correctly and completely draft your PVS so that you can review it any time later on, and revise it through new editions. Your old input will not erased or overwritten by new content, but will remain in the archive.

docPersonal Vision Statement (PVS)

Fill into these fields—Values, Roles, Positive Characteristics, Other Roles, Weaknesses, and Other Personal Characteristics—five of the values for each group. This is how you draft your final Personal Vision Statement. Do not forget your signature!

To find happiness, fulfillment and value in living, I, [Your Signature] will …

LEAD a life centered around the values of …

REMEMBER my main roles in life which are being a …

REVERE admirable characteristics in others such as being [Positive Characteristics] and attempt to implement similar characteristics in my own life.

RECOGNIZE my strengths and develop my talents as a person who is a …
[Other Roles]

HUMBLE myself by acknowledging that I can be [Weaknesses] and constantly strive to transform my weaknesses into strengths.

ENVISION myself becoming a person who is [Other Personal Characteristics].

Please type now your complete personal vision statement in the comment box below.

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