01-Training Relationship

Why Training Relationship?

pencilIn this sub-unit we look at the reasons for training relationship.

Why training relationship?

What we tried to achieve together in the seminar was to improve our relational qualities and skills and build up our willingness and capacity to cooperate happily and productively in a team.

Why is teamwork important? Teamwork is but a form of relationship.

Today more than ever before tasks are divided into different specialized areas and competencies. Yet these different areas as for example the departments in a company must interact with each other in order to fulfill the requirements of the whole unit, the company.

That is why teambuilding capacities are very important.

Relationship is based on communication. Communication is the beginning of all relationship. To build our relational abilities, we need to strengthen our communication skills. Just communicating, without caring about the quality of the communication, is not enough in the professional sphere.

We need effective, productive communication and often it also has to pass cultural borders or differences. Therefore it is not enough simply to have pleasure in communicating, but we must develop insight in the importance of highly effective communication and at the same time train the skills to achieve it.

Communication is an art, but this art can be learned, and trained.

There is no success without effective communication, but also the capacity, through communicating with people, to organize and motivate them. Communication is the basis of management.

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