03-The Ricca Principle

The RICCA Principle

pencilThis sub-unit help you see the implications of outer communication.

What is the RICCA principle? RICCA is an abbreviation for:

  • Relation
  • Interaction
  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Association

There is a gradational direction from relation till association.

Relation is the beginning of a relationship. Once we are related to each other, we begin to interact. There is interaction between the members of a relation. They namely interact in order to communicate, to have communication. Successful communication develops in cooperation and, as a result, association is brought about.

We see now that the structure of a communication process from the beginning to the end is in fact nothing but the process of the business relationship, in its various steps or phases.

RICCA gives us useful hints for the understanding of efficient, elegant and fruitful relating and communicating. Awareness about the RICCA principle as inherent in every form of communication is a necessary pre-condition for our teambuilding skills.

RICCA provides a frame of reference for understanding how relationships are formed, and how they develop if not interfered with by voluntary or involuntary impediments. It is the explanation, but also the solution, and as such a new form of awareness training.

RICCA is building up awareness about the very roots and the process of communication.

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