03-Solution of Sample Task

Solution of Sample Task

The Real-Life Task

pencilYou are asked to take the presidency of your local club, church or welfare organization. You are supposed to hold a speech at that occasion. You need to prepare the speech and schedule it in your agenda. The club meeting will be on Thursday evening. Priority ranges are from 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest and 10 the highest priority) How do you schedule?

The Day When the Task Will Have to Be Done

Sunday and Thursday.
Sunday for the preparation of the speech, a task that needs a meditative mind, concentration and quietness. It’s difficult to carry out such tasks during a busy week. Even if we plan them on the evenings, after work, experience has shown that most people tend to be tired or worn out or just not in the mood for creative writing. Generally rest is needed for those tasks wherefore we should give them a moment during the weekend, ideally in the morning.

(Time : 1 to 2 hours. Priority : 10 because it is an important function to develop leadership skills, it’s honorable and it’s a good goal)

On Thursday morning you should briefly review your speech. The best time for this would be just after awakening because your mind then is still open and receptive. You should read the speech quietly and then close your eyes to impregnate the deep sense of what you said into your mind, rather than the words you used to express it. (Time: 20 min.)

On Thursday evening before leaving your office you should do the same but more briefly (10 min.).

This is for refreshing your memory with what it has been already impregnated in it.

The Way the Task Will Have to Be Done

Creative writing, concentration, preparing yourself for public presentation, reviewing your values and goals, formulating your vision in public.

The Role to Be Assigned to the Task

Something like Caretaker or Voluntary for Human Cause or Social Group Leader or Social Administrator.

The Goal to Be Achieved With Carrying Out the Task

Serve mankind, help advance social welfare, work for the common good, care for higher living standard, attack social injustice, etc.

The gross amount of time needed for the task

2 hours preparation plus about 1 hour reviewing equals about 3 hours in total.

The Importance and Priority Range of the Task

Priority : 10 because it is an important function to develop leadership skills, it’s honorable and it’s a good goal

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