RoGoTaSc Self-Management

pencilRoGoTaSc is a facilitation tool for self-management which complements leadership qualities and skills so as to facilitate daily management issues, prioritizing, self-definition and time-management.


You may wonder about the strange name of this unit. RoGoTaSc stands for:

  • Roles
  • Goals
  • Tasks
  • Schedule

RoGoTaSc is a planning unit that is based upon your goal setting and in accordance with your values. Let me explain what I mean. Unlike other management or leadership approaches I do not favor scheduling on a daily basis.

Why? If we schedule daily, we can easily get into a hassle and engage in over-planning. I mean life is not linear. There are sudden changes of schedule, there are appointments cancelled, and so on. Daily scheduling pushes us too much on the management side and it’s perhaps too poor from a leadership perspective.

Leadership planning is weekly. The week is a natural planning unit.

The ideal time for weekly planning is Sunday. If you sit down and do your weekly planning on Sunday afternoon, visualizing your tasks for the new week, you have the emotional distance needed to schedule your tasks in accordance with your vision statement and your goals. Why should we do that?

If we forget about our basic leadership tools such as the vision statement, we’ll be in a hassle of priorities. There are certainly important things to do but there are also things on our agenda that are less important. Often, if we plan on a daily basis we lack the necessary distance from the situation in order to really prioritize successfully. And prioritizing is the essential point of self-management or time-management.

So what we do now is first to get clarity (recall) what our roles are and then set our goals for our tasks and schedule them on a weekly basis.

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