02-Your Worldview

Your Worldview

pencilThe static worldview is mechanistic. It is similar to the old science paradigm that is founded on Newton’s physics and that explains the world in static terms. If I usually argue the way ‘Well, things are like that, that’s how the world is, what do you want!’ I may adhere to a static worldview. Static or mechanistic worldviews have to do with rigid beliefs in social roles, status symbols, heritage privileges, marriage restrictions or obligations, social to-do’s and not-to-do’s.

Politically they tend to bring about conservatism and restoration, the veneration of the old, the secure, the established. Biologically, the static worldview considers the body as a machine. If we are sick, we might say I’m out of order, something’s to be fixed inside. We may expect from the doctor a quick remedy or exchange of parts so that all is running smoothly again. The remedy can be a pill or an injection; the exchange will be an operation or transplantation. An ecological or holistic understanding of life and the world is impossible if we adhere to a mechanistic worldview.

The organic worldview considers life as a process of cycles and continuous movement. It is similar to the new paradigm which is beyond Newton’s physics and closer to quantum physics and the post-Einstein relativity theory which has given us the insight that scientific observations and results are predominantly determined by the observer perspective, the way we look at things which in turn determines the way we set up the experiment. If we tend to argue ‘Well, something here might be out of balance and will probably get in tune again, we may adhere to the organic worldview.’

The organic worldview is flexible with regard to social roles and expectations. The modern philosophy that everybody can become a millionaire or just achieve his or her greatest happiness in life is based on the organic worldview. Politically the organic worldview is progressive and functional. It aims to realize the best which is not forcibly the established, but often rather the new or even the marginal.

Biologically, the organic worldview considers the body as an energy system that is, by nature, maintained in a harmonious balance. Sickness is the result of a disturbance of this continuum, the fundamental harmony of complementary energies.

We may expect from the doctor or healer to detect the misbalance in our organism or even trust our inner wisdom of self-healing or listen to our dreams and intuitions to rebuild inner harmony.

The remedy may be a change in lifestyle or giving up a destructive attitude, belief or habit. The organic worldview goes along with a holistic and ecological understanding of life and tries to resolve problems under various perspectives considering the interdependence of factors involved in those problems.

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