05-Your Usual Way of Acting

Your Usual Way of Acting

pencilThis inquiry into our inner mindset may be somewhat easier to perform than the previous ones. We simply look at our usual or predominant way of acting. It seems that people act in the most various ways. This is true but all those different acts can be looked at under a specific perspective, namely how those acts tackle our problems.

There are of course acts that have no problem-solving intention. To make love with somebody is not on first hand intended to solve a problem in the relationship of the two persons, even if in some special cases it might. Or going for a walk during the sunset is not forcibly intended to quietly meditate about our next promotion, but just to get some fresh air and enjoy nature.

The acts we consider here are the ones that deal with our problems. There are two fundamentally different ways people deal with problems. To run away from them or to tackle them. To confront our problems is by far the more effective approach. Running away from them obviously not only leaves problems unresolved, but often creates still more problems. Please try to be honest with yourself considering your usual way of acting regarding your problems.

In the coming series of ten work sheets you are going to explore your inner belief system. You may first want to repeat what beliefs are, review your contract with yourself or do the relaxation/focusing session once again. You are going to start with exploring into your five most disempowering beliefs and thereafter what, by contrast, your five most constructive and empowering beliefs are.

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