01-Your Beliefs

Your Beliefs

pencilInner values are at the very root of our being. They are fundamental elements of our inner belief system or philosophy of life which is in turn a part of our inner program. What is an inner program? An inner program is the sum of beliefs and convictions that form the way a person views life. We could call it life philosophy or Weltanschauung.

It is easy to understand that if we can influence or alter our inner program, we change our perception of life, and with that, our life. Because as we belief life is, life will be. Our beliefs form our thoughts, our thoughts form our actions and our actions form our future. And even if we do not take action, our thoughts directly set in motion a process that forms our future, because thought is material and has creative power.

If we want to take control of our future, we have to take control of thought. But this alone is not enough. Because there is conscious thought and unconscious thought. Unconscious thought is thought that is going on under the surface of our conscious mind. We touch it in our dreams and in hypnosis, as well as in certain states of altered consciousness.

To get in touch with our subconscious thought processes, we should begin with a check up. In this check up we simply note what is the state of our unconscious thought processes. There are different ways to do this. One of them is to develop awareness of our dreams and how we behave, as the dreamer, in our dreams.

Another, more direct, way is to become aware of the fundamental beliefs that form our subconscious thought. Therefore it is so important to recall beliefs and to meditate on them, so that we get to see what we usually don’t see, with one word: to make out our blind spots.

The human mind has a fundamental need: security. Without feeling secure, we are anxious and do not easily get out of our inner shell. However, to realize our goals in this world, we have to leave this shell and confront life directly. This means that we are in a fundamental conflict. We have to give up security in order to live!

How to give up security?

The way to live without the walls of security and anxiety is consciousness. Developing consciousness about our being requires us to face our inner life, the whole of it, our thought as well as our emotions.

However, to repeat it, our inner processes are directed by our beliefs, the way we perceive the world, the way we look at life. It’s a bit like a special kind of colored glasses. We all wear such glasses and see reality or truth filtered by those glasses. Therefore our perception is fundamentally subjective.

Recalling our beliefs is the first step on our way to acquire a more objective and accurate perception of life, of ourselves, others and life as a whole. What do we believe? And how to make it aware?

Everyone has a certain number of beliefs about life, himself (herself), other people, the world or the universe. These beliefs have grown up with us, they are the sum total of our whole life and perhaps former lives as well. They are the key elements of our perception, our basic understanding of life. They also determine to what degree we accept life and appreciate of it deny or even hate it. Without knowing our beliefs, we cannot know ourselves. And not knowing ourselves, what in fact do we know?

In order to easily and accurately recall your beliefs, you should follow a certain procedure. The most important condition for this work is that you are in a relaxed state of mind. Why? Because if we are under tension, if we feel stressed, we are not open to our inner voices, to our intuition, the voice of wisdom within us. This voice of wisdom that is in all of us wants to help and support us in finding out about truth.

However, our civilization is such that this voice is not encouraged but rather made silent in the process that we call education. This means that we have to actively awaken the voice of wisdom in us in order to get access to our inner source, the fountain of happiness, success and realization that we all carry within us.

To reconnect to this inner potential, and to perceive the beliefs that spoil its original purity, we simply inquire, once we are relaxed, into what we fundamentally believe to be true.

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