05-Writing Symbol Stories

Writing Symbol Stories

symbols_castleYou may find this quite unusual. In fact, most of us in our culture have lost the gift to tell each other stories. And with that we have lost a good part of poetry in our lives, a good part of touch, touch with others and with ourselves, touch with our foundations, our roots. This is so because culture is first of all inside, not outside of us. We can learn again the precious gift of telling stories. We can begin with writing down our dreams, the daydreams and the night dreams we almost daily have. You will see how difficult it is to describe the rich meaning of a symbol with the limited tools of verbal language.

symbols_larvaThis is why I drafted the present training. It will help you broaden your understanding through the involvement of right-brain qualities: imagination, associative and symbolic thinking. Instead of writing a story or fairy tale you can as well write down anything else that comes to your mind as for example a principle or a rule of life, or any factual experience you lived through and that the symbol reminds you of.

symbols_boucDon’t force yourself to do this little exercise. The text should flow spontaneously. If you have to fight with yourself in order to get something together, better stop it for the moment and begin another time when you feel more inspired.

symbols_sunThis also helps you to sense when exactly you’re in a creative cycle. And to catch the moments of inspiration rather than stumbling around in the black hole when you’re in it. Because art, just like love, can’t be forced.

symbols_keyAnd creativity is pretty much a question of developing your childlike qualities of spontaneity, joy and curiosity. Getting again into the taste for play and for the unexpected and colorful.

symbols_bookIf your text fills five lines, half a page, that’s okay. If it gets one whole page it’s okay. And if it’s more it’s okay. It doesn’t really matter how much it will be. What matters is how the story is born, not what a story or text is about.

Symbol Story 1

Symbol Story 2

Symbol Story 3

Symbol Story 4

Symbol Story 5

Symbol Story 6

Symbol Story 7

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