04-Telling Your Story

Telling Your Story

pencilWhat can possibly be the value of telling your story? And which story?

It’s the story of your life. You may argue that you can never tell anybody the whole story of your life because it’s too long. Okay. But what would you do if I told you: ‘Please tell your life story within five minutes?’ You have not one second longer. You would focus, wouldn’t you, on the important items, the stuff that really counted in your life, relationships, shortcomings, insights you got. Thus your life story can be a thousand pages long, and it can be one page long.

Actually when you begin to write, you should not think about how long your story is going to be. Is it important? Important is only that you tell your story—and that you see the value, the need, to formulate verbally all the feelings that were involved in the many moments, days, months and years of your life. It is important! Please believe me for now.

Telling your story is so important because it effectuates a healing process within you, and a profound change in your personality. You might say: ‘Well, I can’t imagine that just telling my story should effectuate a healing, how can?’ Yes. Take a dream. In many dreams stories are told. Dreams are stories. That does not mean that they are less real than outside reality. Life as such is but a story, isn’t it? There is not one dream researcher today who would contest that dreams have a healing effect upon the psyche and the soma. The same is true with writing down your story.

In my view, language is the magic of the universe and directly connected to the universal spirit or Logos. We do not need any external agent for healing trauma or rescript ourselves. The wonderful thing is namely that we don’t need to change the actual inner scripts that are negative or destructive, we only need to render them conscious by spitting out the stuff—which is what I call garbage removal. What then happens is that our inner mind by itself changes the scripts or rewrites them. What no computer can do, our mindbody does constantly.

It’s because memory is not located in the brain, but in the energetic aura around the body. That is why memory, which is coded holistically, is a self-renewing process, or self-updating software. However, the update must be triggered by consciousness. Consciousness is doing a change in the energetic setup of our memory surface which in turn triggers the self-update.

This way, without any therapy all inner scripts can be changed.

For this to make happen, you must write in a stream-of-consciousness style, as fast as you can, and without thinking. It’s a bit like automatic writing. Then you pour it out and you get rid of all the traumas you’ve ever experienced. Now, let’s go to practice.

Write Your Story in 5 Minutes. Post it as a Comment.

5 thoughts on “Telling Your Story”

  1. I’ve never done this before but I’m going to try it here. Without thinking Peter I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself.. I’m 52 and I live in Australia and I feel fairly content with my life. But something happened to me about three years ago that literally turned my world upside down. To that effect I don’t feel the same woman anymore. It wasn’t my mum dying though that had a big impact on me. I act and do the same things but inside I feel so differently. I love travel and I have a family that I adore and I’m desperately trying to find my place in this world so I blog and write and try and live life the best I can. I seek beauty in ordinary things. I walk with my dog, eat too much chocolate, drink maybe a glass of wine too many with dinner at night and I have a really hard time getting up in the morning. I’m a night owl and like to stay up late but I usually go to bed at a reasonable time otherwise the other half gets cranky. Though more and more he doesn’t really mind what I do so I stay up late and then struggle to get up in the morning. But I always do And then I get my son off to the bus stop and my day begins. I’ve given up looking for office work now and try and stay focused on what I do best. I’m sensitive and cry easily and consider myself to be a fiercely loyal friend. I love dancing and music and I play guitar and have probably never really grown up in some regards but that’s gotta be a good thing! That’s it for my “writing without thinking”. This all just poured out of me and I don’t even know if it made sense. I think it’s possibly the longest comment I’ve ever posted on WP. How strange that I found myself on your site. Anyway, you wanted a bit of a story. I’m not sure how entertaining it is, but it’s real and it’s me.


    1. Thanks for your story, Miriam. Now you know how it is to use your gut to express yourself, spontaneously and intuitively—and you will see when you do this more often that it liberates something in you, that it frees some creative potential, and that when doing this regularly, you are fairly at ease in expressing yourself also in other, more academic, or more scholarly ways. It is a great school for learning to write. Most people think namely that writing is something construed, something one needs to learn meticulously. No, it’s just letting go and letting it all out, all the steam … I am writing this back to you as spontaneously as you wrote your story … you see … it’s natural.

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