Symbol Story 2

Symbol Story 2


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3 thoughts on “Symbol Story 2”

  1. This is an ancient symbol for what was at the time called a ‘Larvae’ creature, a sort of haunting spirit. In another context, it symbolizes a Mumia, an embalmed human corpse, an still another meaning of the symbol would be to metaphorically express a human being who is incarcerated in his bodily shell and has not yet developed his spiritual nature. All seen together could result in an interpretation of ‘the limited human,’ an image that symbolizes a human being who is too restricted to live a real human life. A striking resemblance here: bandaged babies as it was an old custom in Caucasia and parts of Europe, that is, to bandage babies to hang them on walls when one needed to leave the house and could not take the baby. It was a cruel custom that mutilated babies’ arms and legs, especially the position of the feet and the ankles. Thus overall, this is rather a negative symbol.


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