Symbol Story 1

Symbol Story 1


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3 thoughts on “Symbol Story 1”

  1. The symbol is an old castle. What comes up spontaneously are values like safety and defense, but also, metaphorically, shielding oneself from the world. In some old poetic texts, the human heart is associated with an ‘inner castle.’ For me personally, a castle is a dream, a great wish since my younger years, to own my own castle, a château in France, best when it comes with a vineyard and wine-making facilities. Castles have that great advantage that they are away from noisy and polluted urban areas, in beautiful landscapes, with natural environment, where one can really enjoy all the beauty and charm of the Four Seasons. A castle also in the sense of a personal bastion against the roughness of the world is something that fosters emotional security. Again, for me personally, to own a castle is also strongly associated with Nobility. The Landed Nobility in England and Scotland for example allows one to buy land titles that come with a nobility title. To my knowledge, in Scotland this is still legally permitted and common practice if one has the necessary investment volumen.


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