complete_itPersonal Vision Statement


—I develop now very consciously all my relationships. I bless them. I pray for them.

—I am grateful for all relationships with plants, animals, humans and all of nature.

—I appreciate human beings now every day more, and develop good and trustful relationships.

—I begin to collaborate with human beings for the benefit of humanitarian work and for public education, as well as for the wise distribution of wealth and a humanitarian trust for my afterlife.

—Love develops now in all my relationships. I give love to all people and to the world.

—I try to love also what I sense is without love, and a society that I sense is without love. I try to love it every day more and to embrace it. I try to make the miracle of love happen.

—I am grateful for the gift of relating, for the gift of communicating, for the gift of love!

Thank you, destiny!

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