06-Planning & Goals

Planning & Goals


  • I give freedom to all sentient beings
  • I see now the godly image and power in every child
  • I care for mutual consent in all my relationships
  • I accept my wishes and dreams without guilt
  • My happiness takes precedence
  • I do not depend on anybody’s good will in realizing myself
  • I realize excellence in all areas of my life
  • I accept my mission as a spiritual teacher, guru and coach
  • I do reasonable effort for publishing my works in the regular industry
  • I do regular planning and work on my goals

General Goals

  • I realize and publish all my writings and art productions
  • Planning and organizing my life is useful, and it brings good results.
  • When I plan and organize, my life increases in continuity.
  • When I plan and organize, I can be constant in my endeavors.
  • I still can create spontaneously, even within a framework of planning and organizing.
  • I integrate the wisdom of careful planning now in all areas of my life.
  • When I plan my life, I can be consistent and develop a sense for detail.
  • When I plan and organize, I save time and am more effective.


  • I make decisions easily and joyfully. There is no right and wrong in decision-making.
  • I follow my deep wisdom which expresses itself by my intuition, my inner feeling what is right for me.
  • When I am aligned with my intuition, my inner wisdom, I am aligned with the universe.
  • When I follow my own wisdom, I give value to myself, I honor myself.
  • When I honor myself, I am at peace with myself and all-that-is.
  • When I honor myself, I honor the God in me, the divine spark, the indwelling spirit.
  • I accept guidance from my higher wisdom, through dreams, intuition and omens.
  • I now enjoy making decisions.


  • I am now striving for constant and consistent relationships.
  • Consistency is a value because it helps in the trust-building process.
  • When I am consistent, I instill confidence in the people I am dialoguing with.
  • I am consistent in my work and the realization of my goals and projects.

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