03-Personal Vision

Personal Vision

Personal Vision Statement

Personal Vision

  • complete_itMy vision is based upon the dream that there be a renaissance of ancient wisdom, and more precisely the wisdom of the ancient mystery schools, to be propagated in our times of turmoil and confusion, for those who are still sane enough in their minds and hearts to hear the voice of good and right living.
  • The essential ingredient of this teaching is self-knowledge and the mastery of our inner life, particularly the inner dialogue between our contradictory inner voices and energies, in order to build true harmony between soul, spirit and soma.
  • I would like to provide a major service and contribution to public education so that increasingly people are flexible, intelligent and able to learn happily and continuously in order to attain the true wisdom, inner freedom, creativeness, originality, freshness of mind and power needed to direct the New World we are heading into right now.
  • I want to function as a conférencier, inspirational speaker and media producer to bring this knowledge over and serve those in search for self-knowledge by helping them to get in touch with their deep-down potential, to develop their intuitive wisdom and faculties and to rely on the guidance by the universal mind.
  • I wish to show in all my media productions that there is a deep magic and invisible wisdom written into the very code of life, however intelligible for those who have learnt to get in touch with their inner powers and who are willing to abandon all moralistic and idealistic systems and categories, which are the worst enemies of humankind, to be exclusively guided by the Tao, their Tao.
  • I wish to serve a large audience worldwide by using e-publishing and the most advanced broadcast media and interactive technology available.
  • I have the deep wish to mark, through all my work, a trace that will deeply positively affect the young generations in their destiny to become enlightened and truly interdependent cosmopolitans who are intelligent, wistful, empathic, balanced and mature so as to lead mankind into a new era of cosmic exchange with other realms and dimensions of the Grand Life!
  • I use the wonderful new tools and possibilities like the WWW and the New Media for the expression of my philosophy and the creation of a forum of listeners worldwide.
  • My vision is focused upon helping others to attain the essential freedom needed to grow, both emotionally and intellectually, in accordance with their own uniqueness and continuum. This goal is achieved once people are able to lead a first hand life, a life that is their own unique creation. Part of this commitment is to support those who lack basic freedom, either outwardly or emotionally or who are otherwise caught in the bondage of dependencies. I would like to commit to a group of people who do this service voluntarily on a worldwide scale (for example through the Internet).

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