02-Personal Values

Personal Values

Personal Vision Statement

Personal Values

complete_itMy personal values are Freedom, Wisdom, Self-Knowledge, Personal Power, Love, Integrity, Loyalty, Friendship, Art, Education, Democracy, Excellence and Consciousness.

My five most important values are Freedom, Harmony, Wisdom, Love, Truth and Integrity.

  • Without freedom the world and life cannot produce happiness. Freedom is basic for growth, for love and for human dignity.
  • Without harmony, man is and remains ignorant and unable to live in accordance with Universal Intelligence; as such he remains to be destructive. Most people today live unbalanced lives and most of all our illnesses, individually and socially, come from a basic lack of balance in life. Wisdom, the true knowledge about the miracle of Life, is an absolutely essential precondition for peace. Love is the basis of life and of human relations. Based upon love and friendship, humanity today would be entirely different. Truth and truthfulness is important for all relationship, especially for good communication. It is essential on the individual as well as the collective level. We cannot be truthful with others if we refuse to be truthful with ourselves. Integrity is a kind of pool-value, a sum of various values. If we observe the political day-to-day news, we very rarely see that a public person or politician is or was called integer. Integrity is the queen among all virtues. It means that a person is ultimately reliable and trustworthy or, as popular wisdom says, worth her salt.
  • The Radical. The Root. We are used to think of a ‘radical’ as a person who is ruthless. The term ‘radical’, however, does not bear that significance. It simply means ‘related to the root’ or ‘a root character’, or ‘somebody who derives his knowledge from the source of things, not from their derivations or interpretations’. ‘Ruth’ means compassion, regard for another. So, from the term ‘radical’ to conclude somebody had no compassion is clearly a wrong interpretation of that term. And yet it is common usage today to equate somebody called a radical with a person who is ruthless.Getty’s moral was that wealth was only ever generated by open minds, because only such intellectual openness enables us to see opportunities that others do not. The alternative was a society ‘lulled into a perilous somnolence’, unable to tell the difference between spin and truth, prey to lobbyists and propagandists. Despite appearances, like many of the truly rich Getty was something of a radical./123Your goodness must have some edge to it – else it is none. (30)
  • The originality of one’s personal mindset is not a sign of ruthlessness, but an expression of genius.

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