08-Financial Fortune

Financial Fortune

complete_itPersonal Vision Statement


My fortune is administered by competent, savvy and honest people.

My lifestyle is modest, functional, happy and economic.

I am helpful, open and friendly to others.

I am irradiating love, creativity, intelligence and prosperity.

My fortune brings abundance and wealth to me and all people around me.

I now manifest heavenly blessings in all I think, plan, do and create.

I do good with my fortune and administer it wisely.

I am grateful for this fortune and all the benefits and blessings I receive every day.

Thank you mother, thank you grandmother Irma!

Thank you, destiny!

Here is a wonderful prayer by Dr. Joseph Murphy, published in his book Think Yourself Rich:

‘Today is God’s Day. I choose harmony, success, prosperity, abundance, security, and Divine right action. Infinite Intelligence reveals to me better ways to give greater service. I am a mental and spiritual magnet, irresistibly attracting to me men and women who are blessed, comforted, and satisfied with my counsel and coaching. I am Divinely guided all day long and whatever I do prospers in divine order. Divine justice and Divine law and order govern all my undertakings, and whatever I begin results in success. I know the law of my mind, and I am fully aware that all these truths I am reiterating are now sinking into my subconscious mind, and they will come forth after their kind. It is wonderful.’

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